Famous Clients and Friends

This is just a few of the more famous customers that we've designed hats for: actors, musicians and fine folks all over the world.  
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The origins of the Gus hat.  (1:02)
The Real Original Gus
Robert Duvall (in Lonesome Dove) hat by Manny Gammage
This image is of the original hats made for Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones, as Gus McCrae and Capt. Woodrow Call - for the original mini-series, "Lonesome Dove", by Manny Gammage, as ordered by Bill Whittliff and Van Broughton Ramsey.  
Manny took this picture with his old Polaroid Instamatic and kept it over his creasing table for about 10 years.  The damage from the steam shows in the streaking and the bubbles in the top right corner.  It was scanned several years ago, to prevent losing it totally.
It is not clear enough to read the work tickets that are taped to the boxes, probably never was,  but the address on the boxes reads, 5003 Overpass Road, Buda, Texas 78610.  The background is the original Buda shop, where we made the hats.  We were in this location from 1980 to late 1987.

"Lonesome Dove" first aired February 5 - 8, 1989. 
Jerry Jeff Walker
Joella listening to Jimmie Vaughan tell a story about Stevie
Rusty Wier - hat by Texas Hatters
Dwight Yoakam - hat by Texas Hatters
Burt Reynolds (hat and band by Texas Hatters)
Former Governor, Ann Richards - hat by Manny
Don Walser - hat by Manny, band by Norma
George McCorkle of The Marshall Tucker Band - hat and band by Joella
Peter Weller (w/Joella Torres) hat by Texas Hatters
Slim Pickens - hat by Manny
Billy Joe Shaver - hat by David
Bo Bice in the hat Joella made him for Pump Boys and Dinettes
Danny Glover (in Buffalo Soldiers) hats by Texas Hatters
Bob Hope in his Hi-Roller, by Manny
Tom Selleck in "Monte Walsh", hat by Joella
Pat Boone in his Clint Hi-Roller, by Manny
Peter Fonda and Susan Saint James in "Outlaw Blues" - hats by Texas Hatters
Kathy Ireland - hat by David
Ed Asner in his Statesman, by David
Will Ferrill as Ronnie Van Zant, hat by Joella
Hat made for museum wax of Tom Mix
Lance Henriksen in, "The Day Lincoln Was Shot" - hat by Joella
Matt Damon and Penelope Cruz in "All the Pretty Horses" wearing hats by Texas Hatters
Robert Urich in "Lazarus Man" in hat by Texas Hatters
author James A. Mitchner - Clint Hi-Roller hat by Manny
Chef Roger Mooking, David and Elizabeth Karmel
James Garner in "Streets of Laredo" hat by Texas Hatters
Sissy Spacek in "Streets of Laredo" - hat by Texas Hatters
Sam Elliott in "Rough Riders" - hat by Joella
Dale Watson performs at Texas Hatters' 85 Years of Topping the Best - hat designed by Joel
Carlos Bardem as Pedro Garcia in The Son - hat by Texas Hatters
Henry Garrett as Pete McCullough in The Son - hat by Texas Hatters
Bellamy Brothers - 1980's
Rusty Wier - Hat by Manny, band by Ruffin
Hank Williams Jr
Willie in Concert 2011 - hat made by David, band by Joella, gifted by Norma
Bobbie Nelson - hat and band by Joella
Willie Nelson - hat by Manny
Willie and Bobbie - both in hats by Texas Hatters
Ronnie Van Zant - hat by Manny, band by Norma
Donnie Van Zant - hats by Texas Hatters, bands by Joella
Donnie and Johnny Van Zant - hats by David, bands by Joella
Jimmie Van Zant - hats and bands by Texas Hatters
Chuck Norris (in Walker, Texas Ranger) - hat by Manny
Chuck Norris and Manny
longtime customer, Larry Gatlin & Joel Gammage - hats by Texas Hatters
Joel, Ty Pennington & Joella in Bastrop - hats by Texas Hatters
Allen Wayne Damron
Al "Grandpa" Lewis in his Clint Hi-Roller, by Manny
Ben Johnson
Manny and Lee Trevino, both in Half-Breeds by Manny
Joella and Henry Thomas, holding his Musketeer hat
Manny and Louis Gossett, Jr.
ZZ Top, hats by Manny
Rick Trevino and Joella
President Ronald Reagan receives hat from Texas Hatters via former Texas Governor Bill Clements
Frmr. Austin Mayor Frank Cooksey presents Clint Hi-Roller to Prince Charles, UT Longhorn Band hats in background were made by Texas Hatters at that time also
Robert Patrick trying on Manny's last hat
Tommy Lee Jones (Capt Call) and Angelica Houston (Clara) in Lonesome Dove - hats by Texas Hatters
Scott Caan in "American Outlaws" - hat by Texas Hatters
Tom Arnold in "Austin Powers" - hat by Texas Hatters
Hank Williams, Jr. in the Jagged Edge hat designed and made by Joella and Norma
Stevie Ray Vaughan in one of the more unusual Half-Breeds by Manny
David & John Paul DeJoria
David, Pierce Brosnan and Joella 2016 - picking up one of the hats we made for him as Eli McCullough, in The Son
Kiowa, Joella, David and Della on set with Pierce Brosnan
Bellamy Brothers - June 10, 2017
Stevie Ray Vaughan w/ Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, both wearing hats by Manny
BW, Rusty, Fromholtz et al (all hats by Manny)
Rusty Wier and Jerry Jeff Walker
Lewis Hamilton in his 1st Place hat by Texas Hatters (hats designed by Joel) for the first F1 race at Circuit of the Americas
Manny & Hank, Jr. - Half-Breed was one of 1st Manny made for Hank
Time Magazine - Ronald Reagan in Half-Breed by Manny
Jackson Rathbone & David @ Texas Hatters (He bought that band right off of David's hat)
Joella, Robert Patrick and Lora
Robert Patrick with David, picking up one of his personal hats from Texas Hatters
Josh Duhamel and Joella
David and Joella on the set of "Lost in the Sun" with Josh Duhamel (personal hat by Texas Hatters)
Billy and Paul English - hats by Texas Hatters
David, Joella, Manny & Robert Urich - one of his many hats by Texas Hatters
Turtleman & Neal @ Texas Hatters picking up their hats
Stevie Ray Vaughan with Jill Savage, he's wearing his classic Texas Hatters hat and she's in the Half-Breed Manny made him for Bush 1's inauguration
Peter Brown and Manny
John Paul DeJoria, Danny Trejo & Robert Rodriguez
George Lopez, David & Robert Rodriguez
David, Joella & Kevin Fowler
Ann Miller in her Ladies Hi-Roller, by Manny
Joel with Tommy Shannon of Double Trouble
Charlie Rich in his Hi-Roller by Manny and Norma
Manny, Tanya Tucker and Tex
Hats for Princes Charles, William and Harry