The Hi-Roller®

Ronnie's white Hi-Roller
From the early 1970's to the September 
before the tragic plane crash that killed Ronnie
and five others, Manny Gammage and
Texas Hatters made Ronnie over two dozen Hi-Roller
(a.k.a. High-Roller) hats.  Ronnie made these hats, 
with the rattlesnake hatband, an iconic Southern 
Rock style. 
The Texas Hatters family will be forever 
grateful for our relationship to this legend.
Donnie Van Zant began wearing his version of the Hi-Roller,
at about the same time as his brother, Ronnie, and has also
worn dozens, possibly hundreds.  Like Ronnie, his hat became
a part of his image, though his evolved over the decades, the
last three hatbands included a hand-painted American flag 
on the back and a real .38 shell end as a rivit on the side.
(fired by Manny, cut by David)
We were blessed with many more years of friendship from
Donnie and hope to stay in contact, now that he's retired.
JIMMIE VAN ZANT - Jimmie Van Zant Band
Jimmie Van Zant was the cousin to Ronnie and Donnie,
and came to us much later.  He had his own version of the Hi-Roller,
with a smaller brim and wider rattlesnake band.  
We are thankful for his friendship and patronage as well.  
RIP Jimmie