News and Updates
  • Severe weather: Tornado, Flooding, etc.
  • Illness of two or more of our staff of five

These are our annual closings: 

  • Spring Break - 1 week
  • Summer Break - 2 weeks

Other possible closings: 

  • Renovations to the building
  • Renovations or replacement of key equipment
  • Please check below, for further information and exact dates of our annual closings.

Please check here for news of events or other notices: 

  • Spring Break - 1 week
  • Summer Break - 2 weeks

With the current Covid-19 pandemic shutting down cities, counties, states and some countries, we are choosing to protect the health of our customers, employees and our selves with the following changes to our operations:  David, Joella and a maximum of two other employees will be working behind closed doors.  Please, no walk-in customers without an appointment.  We have been, and will continue to, use hand washing, sanitizer and social distancing, which will make head measurements difficult, but not impossible. 

Please limit the number of people accompanying you, when coming in to order or pick up, to one or two.  We do not want to go over the limit of 10 people to a "gathering".  Please understand that it is very hard for us to refrain from a handshake when offered, and don't offer.

We will continue our family tradition of custom making hats and hatbands, unless further restrictions are placed on our city, county or state.  It is our sincere hope that the citizens of our great state and nation, will cooperate with the guidelines and no further restrictions will be placed, and those that are in place will be lifted sooner than previously expected.

Stay well.  Stay safe.

God Bless!

The Texas Hatters Family